Handmade Chopping Boards | Cheese boards and Charcuterie boards

Stunning selection of handmade wooden chopping boards. We specialise in live edge chopping blocks and resin river charcuterie boards.

We pride ourselves on using a wide range of Walnut, Oak and Elm wood to produce show stopping chopping boards that will be the focal point of your kitchen.

We produce a range of sizes to fit any space - looking for a kitchen ideal chopping or serving board? Then check out or oversized boards, they are truly one of a kind!

Don't forget we stock a range of hardwoods, all responsibly sorted within the UK so if you can't see the style, size or wood type you want then get in touch to discuss your custom order.

Please remember, some items may vary from the pictures on the size due to wood grain and colour.

There may be some movement and cracking on the chopping boards while they acclimatise to your home - this is perfectly normal, and we think will add character to chopping or charcuterie board.

All our boards are finished in food safe mineral oil for easy care.

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